La Riserva is a pleasant oasis located on the hills of Casalgrande Alto

and inserted into a large park of woods, vineyards and crops that produces the best wines of the tradition of Reggio Emilia and the popular balsamic vinegar, quite rightly called “nectar”.

The landscape is assured and the sight sweeps from the near Casalgrande Castle, mentioned in the historical documents since 1300, to the industrious plain, to the high Reggio - Modena Apennines, and in the bright days, to the snowy peaks of the Venetian Pre-Alps.

The place is ideal for relaxation and rest, short and easy excursions, the practice of jogging or other sports related to nature, including archery along a traced path.


La Riserva di Baldini Mara

Via Colatore, 36 - 42013 Casalgrande (RE) - Italy

tel. +39 0522 999231 - fax +39 0522 390460 - Cell. 348 7120104

P.IVA 02342520356 - C.F. BLDMRA63L54I462Y